7 must-have necklaces that will create any look

7 must-have necklaces that will create any look

7 must-have necklaces to create any style

Necklaces do not just adorn us, they tell our stories. An irreplaceable part of every girl’s jewellery box, they make you stand out and convey who you are.
As style and fashion evolve, they leave us such a variety of pieces to choose from, some influenced by trends, some classical. But there are certainly necklaces that are a must-own, true timeless pieces that suit every mood and outfit. The ones that get you covered for any occasion. Worth the investment, they help you create any style – from Grace Kelly to Beyonce.
Let’s dig into the necklaces that never go out of style.

1. A Minimalist Necklace

A long linear minimalist necklace with Bar pendant in 18 karat gold
Signature necklace Mary in 18 karat white gold, £381 on ebbavonsydowjewelry.com
“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” is our favourite quote by legendary Coco Chanel. It is a golden rule of style, and if we are to follow the rules, owning at least one minimalist necklace is a must. It can be of any length, though we prefer collarbone long, with a tiny meaningful pendant or without. It can also be a simple chain. Versatile and bold, it comes in various lengths and metals and is ideal for daily wear.
Minimalist necklaces are perfect for layering.

2. A string of pearls

Harry Style wearing a pearl necklace 

Pearl Energy necklace by a Swedish designer www.marianilsdotter.com, £420

What can be classier than a string of pearls? Whatever style you preach, this iconic piece is a must-have for every girl, and as Harry Styles skillfully educates, a boy too.

Born from the heart of the ocean, the pearls are precious, desirable and symbolic. The power of pearls is truly fascinating: it can turn any woman into a lady, and every man into a gentleman, for that matter. Well worth every penny.
Write pearls, black pearls, pearls with a safety pin, they are still pearls, you know.

3. A Heart Pendant Necklace

Love necklace in 925 silver, on sale £65 on www.davidandmartin.com


Open Heart Pendant in 14k Yellow Gold, £325 on bluenile.com

Necklaces with a Heart pendant are not just for the dreamy girls. They are an integral and the most eloquent part of your jewellery box. The heart symbol may have been misused forever, but rediscovered and purchased from a trusted jewellery brand, it will enter your jewellery box to stay.
Wearing a heart pendant doesn’t have to but can mean a lot of things: that you’re vulnerable, that your heart is open to the world, or worn for a date, that you have feelings for someone.
Hearts come in various styles and designs: classical and contemporary, large or small, gold or silver.
Locket hearts can have a completely different purpose and come with an aura of mystery. A photo of a loved one, a tiny memento or simply a pocket watch – these little amulets are good for a casual outing, worn over scoops and square necklines.

4. A Slip-through, or Lariat necklace

Koti slip-through necklace, £140 on www.anuka-jewellery.com

Numbers slip-through necklace, on sale £115 on www.davidandmartin.com

The slip-through necklaces look innovative and contemporary, they are playful pieces that give a lot of freedom to the imagination. Long or short, with a stone or without, they will adorn your gracious neck for a deep decollete dress. They can also be worn on top of the monotone turtleneck top/dress.
Some slip-through necklaces can be worn as chokers if the chain is long enough to be wrapped around twice. Basically, it’s two necklaces for the price of one.

5. A Choker

1017 ALYX 9SM double wrap micro buckle leather choker, £210 on www.luisaviaroma.com

Gold choker by Chanel, £770 on chanel.com

With a tight clasp around your neck, chokers come in various materials.
Metal chokers create a look that oozes confidence and are a perfect statement piece. It is a great choice for U-neck and off-shoulder necklines but looks good on turtleneck too.
You can easily add an edge and turn your outfit on by adding a leather or velvet choker to it. Opting for a choker with spiky studs, a tooth or a claw pendant is a personal choice, but either way, it will bring the inner rebel you never knew you had!
Lace chokers, a big turn-on for the intimate moments, are romantic, sensual and sexy.

6. A Long Chain Necklace

90cm Alchemy 18 karat Rose Gold Diamond Long Chain, £4800 on annoushka.com

90cm Circles necklace in 925 silver, on sale £109 on www.davidandmartin.com

Gold or silver, with a pendant or without, this will be the most practical piece in your jewellery box if you like layering as much as we do.
Opt for a piece a little over 100cm long, this way it can be wrapped around your neck twice making a middle length thicker necklace; wrap it around three times and you’ll get a collar necklace or a choker.
You can also turn it into a chain bracelet.

7. A Unique Statement Necklace

Statement Delhi necklace made of acacia wood, €765 on monies.dk 

Statement Chicken Feet necklace in 925 silver, on sale £175 on www.davidandmartin.com

A statement necklace is a way to attract attention. It is a conversation starter, so it often has a story to tell about it.
A statement piece can be a solid metal neckpiece referring to tribal jewellery oozing femininity and sensuality, a necklace with an unusual pendant revealing your interests, an extra chunky chain and a lot more. It might even be an unusual piece of costume jewellery you inherited from your great grand untie. But to be extra visible and somewhat daring.

A statement necklace will draw all the eyes in the room to you, so make sure your statement reflects your message, and the jewellery piece doesn’t compete with your outfit or your makeup for originality (unless it’s a carnival or a dress-up party of course). Go for a monotone top/dress that will reveal your neck enough for the piece to be admired.

Statement pieces are perfect to create a unique look no other woman can reproduce and your chance to reveal who you are. We all need such pieces in our jewellery boxes!


To summarise, we have a minimalist necklace, a string of pearls, a heart pendant piece, a slip-through necklace, a choker, a long chain and a unique statement necklace on our list. These seven must-haves are so different style-wise and yet so organic to the multifaceted beauty a woman possesses. Owning these sever items, you can create a great number of eye-catching styles by combining and layering them, taking risks and challenging the rules. You are unique, so is your style.

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