Standing With Ukraine

Standing With Ukraine

Our world was shaken by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As many of you, we cannot stand by and do nothing. 

David&Martin is an independent brand and a small business, and we may not be able to change the world or stop the war on our own, but we can try to help as many people as possible to fight the consequences of its devastating effect. We, therefore, decided that David&Martin will donate 100% of its profits directly to our friendly network of volunteers in Ukraine during March 2022; this way we are sure that the vital supplies will be delivered to the people who need them most.

We hope that the war will end as soon as possible, but we understand that the funds will still be required to rebuild peoples’ homes. We commit to donating 50% of all our profits for the same purpose from April 2022 until December 2022. We will retain the cost of production and marketing, to be able to produce more quality jewellery and to increase sales, but any surplus will be used to help Ukrainian people protect and rebuild their homes during the war and after it is over.

By doing this, we hope to support our colleague who remains in war-torn Kharkiv with her newborn baby, our dear friends in Kyiv, all the beautiful and brave Ukrainian women and all the amazing, incredible people who fight for their freedom and independence.

Every order placed with us will be shipped free of charge and accompanied by a complimentary ribbon in the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

Standing With Ukraine,

David&Martin Team


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