Here is how jewellery can boost your confidence

Here is how jewellery can boost your confidence

There's more to jewellery than making you look pretty. It is an incredible confidence booster. The right piece can be life-changing - a conversation starter, a secret message hidden in the design, and a striking object that makes you stand out. And we aren’t talking about diamonds here. Jewellery doesn’t have to have an eye-watering price tag to help your personality shine, though it shouldn’t be too cheap either.

Follow these strategies to make your jewellery work for you.

See jewellery as your armour

Historically, jewellery was used to communicate social status and make  powerful statements. From the African tribes to the fierce women of Amazonia, from the Aztecs to Vikings, the shiny accessories weren’t taken lightly. Jewellery was seen as a part of your armour that made you feel empowered, and there is no reason not to see it this way in today’s world.

By getting ready in the morning, you prepare yourself for a day of challenges, difficult decisions and success. Let your jewellery be the armour you wear to reveal the confident woman you are, scare off the ill-wishers and make you feel strong, sexy and unstoppable.

These cuff bracelets from David&Martin are perfect examples of the armour you need in your daily life. These classy yet edgy pieces of solid silver ornate your wrists and communicate your strength to the world.


Don’t be afraid of bold design
Chicken Feet necklace from David&Martin

The choice of jewellery is a powerful statement, and confidence is all about those messages of strength you send to the world. Sometimes a striking piece that will pull all the attention to you is all you need to come across as a leader, pull off a powerful presentation, and make an impression during a date. The message is: you do you. You aren’t intimidated by what other people think. Because, honestly, why would you be?

As long as you follow the basic principles of style - wear one statement piece per outfit, don’t mix colours that don’t belong together and keep it classy - it will add value to your look.

This mega-popular Chicken Feet necklace from David&Martin is certainly a piece you need some guts to wear. Unique, striking and symbolic, it will draw attention to your neck and make people want to know more about you.

Choose precious metals
Drift cuff from David&Martin

The choice of jewellery in high-street stores is overwhelming, but most of it is made of non-precious metal and copies the trends set by the non-on-the-high-street jewellery companies who spend months designing and crafting their high-quality products.

The choice is always yours to make but if you want to pull off an expensive look, be picky about what you wear and consider purchasing from smaller, non-mass-market ethical brands that make bespoke pieces from precious metals.

By opting for silver, different types of gold, and platinum - all depending on your budget - you make an investment in the value and purchase the pieces that will pass that value to future generations.

Silver is the optimum metal for jewellery if you don’t want to splash a small fortune but still want to take home jewellery made of precious metal.

These designer earrings from David&Martin are made of 925 silver. They feature geometric design and don't break the bank. And yet, you can wear them for every occasion - from a work interview to a night out.

How to choose confidence-boosting jewellery?
When shopping for your next piece, ask yourself: will it make me look like I ooze confidence? Does it bring out my feminine, brave, strong and courageous nature?
Try it on and imagine it with different outfits. Picture yourself wearing it five or ten years from now. If you’re happy with how it pans out in your head, if a piece comes from an ethical brand and is made of precious metal, then it’s a no-brainer. Follow your style gut.

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