Shapes in jewellery are powerful symbols, and here is what they mean

Shapes in jewellery are powerful symbols, and here is what they mean

In jewellery design, shapes are far more than aesthetic choices -they're powerful symbols that carry deep meaning and evoke emotions. 

From the timeless allure of a circle to the dynamic energy of a triangle, shapes can inspire and express confidence and empowerment, balance and calmness, compassion and kindness. 

Here is what you bring to your workplace when you wear jewellery with these classic shapes. 


Hoops Earrings, Cuff Bracelets and a Necklace from Circles Collection by D&M

By opting for circular design in jewellery you represent infinity and unity, harmony and wholeness, but also safety and security and protection and inclusion. 

As circles create a boundary that holds within it everything it encloses, these powerful symbols can evoke feelings of being surrounded by love and support.


Earrings from Facet Collection by D&M

If you want to make a statement, go for jewellery with a triangular design.

Bold angles give a feeling of strength, direction, and growth. They are the best shape to inspire confidence and a sense of purpose.


Cuff Bracelets from Cell Collection by D&M

With its six equal sides and internal angles, hexagons bring equilibrium and stability.

Hexagonal jewellery will make you look calm and in balance with yourself which is always a welcome bonus in a stressful work environment. 


Heart to Heart Necklace from Love collection, 925 silver

Heart to Heart Necklace from Love Collection by D&M

Hearts are the most eloquent symbol in jewellery design. They are potent signs of love, compassion, connection, and joy. 

A heart pendant will show those around you that you care and are open to listening, that you aren’t afraid to look vulnerable and wear your heart on a sleeve, quite literally. 

Not to forget that hearts are also traditionally linked with femininity and grace, and jewellery with this design element is guaranteed to make you look delicate and elegant. 

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