David&Martin is a story of ultimate craftsmanship and love for art, design and fashion. The award-winning brand was started by two young graduates of the Swedish University of Arts, Crafts and Design David Andersson and Martin Lasson. Designers shared interest in old books, contemporary electronic music, Scandinavian and Egyptian aesthetics and appreciation of bold and confident women.

The unique mix of these elements, together with the eloquent simplicity and carefully thought through geometric design, made the brand stand out from the start. David and Martin created jewellery in their way - clean, graphic and feminine with a masculine edge.

David&Martin's unique approach earned the brand the collaboration with the fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld who commissioned them to design a 10-piece collection for the Lagerfeld Gallery in Paris, paving brand's way to international success.


Circles cuff in 925 Rhidium-plated silver by David&Martin is worn by a model during Karl Lagerfeld fashion show in Paris
Model wearing Circles cuff by David&Martin during Karl Lagerfeld fashion show

The "Fauna Futura" neckpiece designed by David&Martin was exhibited in the legendary boutique Colette in Paris and featured in Maia Adams' book "Fashion Jewellery: Catwalk and Couture" profiling 33 international fashion jewellers who combine the traditional techniques and ultra-modern methods to create a new style of jewellery.

Fauna-Futura jewellery neckpiece was created for the book "Fashion Jewellery: Catwalk and Couture" and was exhibited in  legendary Colette story in Paris
“Fauna Futura” exhibited in the legendary Colette boutique in Paris

David&Martin's commercial collaborations also include the Swedish cosmetic brand Oriflame, Absolut Spirits, the fashion brands Acne Jeans and Weekday, Svenskt Tenn and telecom giants Nokia and Ericsson.

David&Martin H2O collection consisting of earrings, necklace, cuff and a ring,  created for the brand's collaboration with Oriflame
Exclusive H2O collection for Oriflame

David&Martin's Scandi-cool aesthetics is bold and feminine with a masculine edge. It is sensual, sexy and not necessarily pretty. The gender borders are blurred. Scandinavian tendency to minimalism shines through every design element, clean lines and shapes.


Chicken Feet necklace by David&Martin Jewellery featured in the media
Iconic Chicken Feet necklace featured in the media

David&Martin's secret of success lies in staying independent yet commercial. The brand does not allow trends or fashion to dictate its distinct philosophy - all the pieces must remain timeless. Every new collection is a further enhancing addition to David&Martin's existing creations, which is like a project that is ever-evolving or a creative showcase that is ever-growing and inspirational.

Cell bangle in silver, Rhodium-plated silver and 18K gold plated silver by David&Martin Jewellery
Cell bangle by David&Martin

Many of David&Martin's timeless pieces stem from sporadic flashes caught by untamed imagination in the most unsuspected situations and surroundings... Like the iconic "Chicken Feet" collection that came to life when sighting a beautiful girl on a Shanghai subway who was munching deep-fried chicken feet while flicking through French Vogue.

 Singer Robyn wearing Chicken Feet necklace by David&Martin

Swedish singer Robyn wearing Chicken Feet necklace 

The brand finds endless sources of inspiration in confident women's stories and celebrates the era of gender equality and gender freedom.

David&Martin is now led by Diana Nilsson. She advocates for women's inclusion and social justice with a motto "Every woman deserves to feel empowered whatever life throws at her”.