5 reasons why jewellery is a perfect gift

5 reasons why jewellery is a perfect gift

"I own too much jewellery!" - said no one, ever.
Jewellery is gorgeous, precious, fits any budget, tells a story and makes an exceptional gift. Everyone knows that! But if you are not convinced, feel free to skim through the additional arguments in favour of the shiny and sparkly items.

1. Jewellery is timeless

timeless jewellery

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Have you ever heard of a lipstick or a t-shirt that was passed on from generation to generation and also grew in value over time? So many things fade as the days go by; they go out of style and get forlorn. But not jewellery. Jewellery lasts forever. It will adorn your lucky successors, with a story to go with it, of course. So taking that into account, choose your gifts carefully.

2. Jewellery is an environmentally friendly gift

Environmentally friendly jewellery

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Responsibly produced and packaged, jewellery won't generate waste and pollute our oceans. Jewellery can be made of recycled materials and ethically obtained precious stones. It can also be recycled further and make a perfect pre-loved gift. Opting for jewellery coming in biodegradable and recyclable materials makes your gift even better.
In David&Martin, we use recycled silver and eco-friendly packaging.

3. Jewellery is a practical gift

Drift earrings by David&Martin

Photo by Diana Nilsson for David&Martin 

With most jewellery items, you do not need to worry about getting it right, as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks etc., typically come in standard sizing. The overall size of the gift is not an issue either as it is relatively compact and can be packaged exquisitely and with great taste.
Nowadays, a lot of jewellery is unisex, making it easy to find a precious gift even for the most style-fluid person.

4. Jewellery is a valuable gift but still fits any wallet size


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Whether it's Love bracelet by Cartier or a chunky silver bangle bought on a market while on holidays in Thailand, jewellery is always an asset as long as it is made of precious metal. And it doesn't have to cost a fortune. Check out these cute minimalist earrings or this contemporary designer necklace with a slip-through pendant. Or what about this trio of organically formed rings that are pure art? 
Carefully thought through design is the soul of any jewellery piece, and it is what brings value to fashion. It is a kind of design that is simple and honest because it prioritises what is best for the one who will wear it.

5. Jewellery is a meaningful gift

Meaningful jewellery

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Despite many thinking otherwise, jewellery doesn't speak the language of price tags; it expresses itself in the gentle and intelligent language of symbolism. As a result, it can communicate exactly what you want to a person you address it to.
Gift a necklace with a heart pendant to someone you trust with your own heart, opt for a silver lotus for someone who is about to change the path in life and is interested in spiritual growth, choose a little silver shoe to encourage someone who always wanted to dance but never finds time or confidence. Jewellery has so much symbolism to it. And why not opt for a Scandinavian brand of jewellery for someone who likes minimalism and Nordic aesthetics?

Whether we managed to convince you or not, you might find some inspiration in our unique designer collections. Who knows, this striking Chicken Feet necklace might be just the thing for you. Keep in mind, your first purchase is always 25% off if you sign up for our newsletter and opt-in to receive the latest updates from us. Simply follow the pop-up instructions to reveal your exclusive discount code. Free shipping applies.

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Happy Giving!

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