Care instructions

Wear with care
We recommend that you put all jewellery on after applying makeup and getting dressed in the morning and then to take it off at night before going to bed. Physically demanding activities may cause unnecessary wear and damage to a piece of jewellery – so we recommend that you always make sure to take off your jewellery, especially rings, before household or garden work and sports activities.

Store jewellery separately
Think about how you store your jewellery; silver pieces can easily scratch if stored together. All jewellery should be stored away from direct sunlight, damp, and extremes of either heat or cold.

Beware of contamination
Keep your jewellery away from water and chemical agents to avoid discoloration and tarnishing. Many soaps, cosmetics, perfumes, and cooking grease can dull and/or cause damage and should be avoided. Long term exposure to natural skin oils can also dull pieces, which is why we recommend removing jewellery overnight. If your jewels do come into contact with any chemicals, use a dry soft tissue or towel to gently pat them dry.

Gentle cleaning
Gently clean your jewellery occasionally to remove any oils, dust or contamination. Use simple, non-abrasive materials and specialist products. Be careful not to scrub or to over-handle your jewellery. Gold-plated, silver-plated jewellery should be cleaned using specialist jewellery cleaners, as directed and appropriate for individual pieces. Please note that silver-dip type cleaners should only be used to clean silver jewellery without gems, and pieces must be rinsed and dried thoroughly afterwards.