'Jewellery is a part of your confidence armour' - Anita Feron Clark

'Jewellery is a part of your confidence armour' - Anita Feron Clark

David&Martin jewellery is inspired by confident women and is designed to make you feel daring, edgy and brave.

London-based multi-award-winning personal stylist and image consultant Anita Feron Clark knows a thing or two about confidence. In fact, she's a well-known women's confidence maker and ambassador. 

We met Anita at a social event in London Soho, and when she introduced herself and said her work and the mission coming with it were all about helping women find themselves and build confidence through personal style, we knew we had to stay around this wonder-woman. 

Inspiring and coaching women for a living, Anita went on to win the Best Newcomer Award 2009Outstanding Contribution Award 2010Bronze Award 2012Special Recognition Award 2013 and Bronze Award 2019, and continues consulting celebrities on their daily and red-carpet looks and shares style tips on her hugely popular social media channels.

Anita Feron Clark wearing David&Martin Jewellery

We asked Anita to share some of her tips on a confident attitude and look with us.

D&M: Anita, what does confidence mean to you?

AFC: Confidence is about feeling happy in my skin - emotionally, mentally and physically regardless of what's happening around me. If I have quieted inner and external critics, I can step out confidently and ultimately be present and kind to others - my family, friends or clients.

D&M: How do you use jewellery to empower women in your styling work? 

AFC: Jewellery plays a huge part in how my clients wish to express their different personalities; it's part of their confidence armour and adds finishing touches to their style. So whether that's on a day when they want to feel empowered and visible, romantic and feminine or chic and classic. Like perfume, jewellery is about self-expression - different scents or jewellery for different moods, energy and feelings.

D&M: What advice would you give women who want to look more confident? 

AFC: The best advice I can give is YOU DO YOU. Don't feel you have to dress like others want you to. Be confident to express YOUR style, YOUR WAY, whether with colour, jewellery, other accessories or silhouettes.

Anita Feron Clark wearing David&Martin Jewellery

Anita is wearing geometric Cell cuff braceletCell necklace layered with Numbers necklace and matching Cell earrings, all in 925 silver.

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You can learn more about Anita's work on her website: https://feronclarkstyle.com/

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