Jewellery to wear this Fall-Winter'22/23 fashion season

Jewellery to wear this Fall-Winter'22/23 fashion season

As the days get cooler and shorter and the fall vibe takes over, we start planning our closet updates. Summer is great, but so are cosy sweaters, knee boots and soft faux fur coats.
Jewellery is a big part of the autumn style, and a little bling counts for an antidepressant during the endlessly grey sky season. Whether you follow trends or not, these are the jewellery picks you can't live without this Fall-Winter'22/23.

Geometric jewellery

Cell cuff, David&Martin jewellery
Cell cuff in 925 silver, David&Martin Jewellery

Judging from FW’22/ 23 fashion shows, geometric jewellery takes the lead this autumn. Hoops in different sizes, attractive hexagons, carefully thought-through triangles-based designs, shapes in both 2D and 3D, the more unique the better. Geometric jewellery is essential if you want to create a fresh contemporary feel. As it tends to be bold and simple, opt for classic cuts and less complicated patterns of clothes to avoid a cluttered look.

Chunky cuff bracelets

Rick Owens Womenswear Fall/Winter 2022-2023
Rick Owens Womenswear Fall/Winter 2022-2023 show, photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Chunky cuffs are an absolute must-have in any season, especially this autumn.
They are an unapologetic style statement that symbolises female power. Almost armour, they are the sexiest pieces in the jewellery range, able to make any woman feel invincible. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used cuff bracelets as status pieces and talismans, and thanks to designers like Rick Owens, this season sees a revival of this iconic jewellery.
Cuffs are best styled with clothing that reveals them such as short or ¾-sleeved tops or long-sleeved tops that sit tight on your arms.

A 'conversation starter' jewellery

Yuima Nakazato Haute Couture Fall Winter 2022 2023
Yuima Nakazato Haute Couture Fall Winter 22/23, photo by Richard Bord/Getty Images

Certain jewellery pieces can’t go unnoticed and have the power to draw everyone’s attention to you. And we don’t mean that colourful beaded necklace you bought in a souvenir shop while on holiday last year. It is rather a perfectly crafted lesser-known designer piece that will make people wonder where you got it from. It looks bold, daring and a little rebellious, but is glamorous, and most importantly, it reflects your uniqueness. And the story everyone will want to hear will be about your sense of style and fashion behind that pick. Every woman should have a jewellery piece like that.

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