Why are Chicken Feet so mystical and symbolic?

Why are Chicken Feet so mystical and symbolic?

Humans have a long tradition of wearing jewellery to represent their faith and culture, or as amulets for luck and love. Symbolic jewellery helps us express our beliefs and gives us a sense of protection.

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For centuries, Chicken Feet have been used as a protection charm against evil in certain religious practices such as Voodoo.

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Dried Chicken Feet are used in other magical traditions too, for keeping you safe from your enemies. They are believed to work by chasing the evildoers away by magically 'scratching' them.

Many magic practitioners also use a chicken foot as part of an anti-theft spell. They would usually hung it in the open from a rear-view mirror or above a door to represent the threat of magical retaliation.

Chicken Feet, David&Martin

In Chinese culture, the chicken forms part of the symbolism of the dragon and phoenix.

At a Chinese wedding, chicken feet, referred to as phoenix feet, are often served with dragon foods such as lobster.

Chicken is also popular at Chinese New Year, symbolizing a good marriage and the coming together of families. Serving the bird whole, with its feet, emphasizes unity.

Chicken Feet Embrace ring in gold

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Chicken Feet is undoubtedly a powerful talisman.

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